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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

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Seisen International School Students Are

Globally Minded

Learning to Love, and Loving to Learn

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The only Kindergarten in Setagaya accredited by:

Japan Council of International Schools

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Seisen is a Catholic school that encourages students to develop their own beliefs

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Seisen International School students are


Donating Handmade Masks

Please help the Seisen Medical Careers Club meet their goal of donating 400 handmade masks by June 3rd.


When we compare ourselves to others, we’re not making an accurate comparison because we’re only going off the information we have access to


It is important to understand that grief is not a linear process.  We do not start at one stage and then progress through to the final stage.  Instead, grief is cyclical.  It is entirely possible that one will reach acceptance, and then one of life’s milestones occurs like a wedding or graduation, and suddenly we are angry or sad again. 

"Stay Home" for a Four Day Weekend

Our hope is that families will be able to take advantage of this extended four-day weekend to spend quality time together, and to nurture health and well-being.


Last week I reached out to parents to ask how they were coping with the current global situation.  Overwhelmingly I heard, "I'm doing fine, I just am not sure how to help my child".

Impact of COVID-19 on UK University Admissions

Universities are doing their best in changing  and challenging circumstances. Priority has been given to current students, they are now working on policies and procedures for applicants for Fall 2020

F.A.C.E. C.O.V.I.D

Trying to maintain your "normal" routine right now is unhealthy, because what we are experiencing is not normal.  Trying to go on as if nothing has changed is invalidating and can actually invite trauma to manifest in alternate ways. 

Holy Week Virtual Prayer Services

All members of the community are invited to participate in a Holy Thursday prayer service this Thursday, April 9th at 4pm and a Good Friday Stations of the Cross prayer service on Friday at 3pm.

April Attribute of the Month: Knowledge

I cannot think of a great opportunity for learning than what we are all experiencing right now.  We are all learning new ways to teach and learn.  We are all learning new ways to connect with others without physical contact.  We are all learning new ways to be alone or be with our partner or be with our family.

As the reality of another week of distance learning and disruption of our regular routines sets in this week, I’d like to focus on keeping it simple and go back to some parenting basics.

A Catholic K-12 IB international school in Tokyo,

preparing global leaders; critical thinkers and compassionate women for tomorrow.

Seisen is an authorized  IB Diploma Program (DP) and Primary Years Program (PYP) School. 

Seisen is a candidate for the IB Middle Years Program (MYP).