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One of the Firebird Conrad teams - Firebird MEI have qualified in the top five teams of the Conrad Innovation Challenge and will compete at NASA in April.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

ES Summer School Leaders

Once again this year the Elementary Summer School continues to grow and we need responsible, committed High School Students to help make the programs successful.

Read more about the expectations below and complete the application by Friday, May 11th.

Please contact Mr. Brittain with any questions.

The Camper and Leader Relationship
Zainah Nayef

The kids in sports camp and their student leaders create bonds and memories that will stay with them as they continue in the next school year.  There is a very fair leader to student ratio, meaning that there is plenty of room for each camper to bond with many leaders and create friendships despite the age gap between them.  

The younger kids look up to the older girls and always come to them when they have questions or just want to play with them during the activities.  The high school leaders provide a lot of time and energy into making sure that the campers have a great time through the whole day. 

The main goals for sports camp are Safety, Social, and Skills.  Physical and emotional safety, being the number one priority, is the goal that leaders try to ensure by keeping the campers safe throughout all the activities and begin the first ones there to help as soon as something goes wrong.  Because sports camp is a mix of about 5 grades, students are able to interact and make friends with campers of all other ages.  With the leaders there they are able to create bonds with high school students as well. 

Since a large goal for sports camp is to prepare the students for the sports that they will do in grade 6, all of the leaders have had experience in at least one highs school sport, allowing them to build basic foundations for Middle School Sports and help the students prepare for tryouts as much as they can.  Campers can also improve their English skills daily with leaders and other English speaking campers, since the Language Policy is strictly english.  The different campers are constantly paired up with different leaders to allow them to meet new people outside of the ones that they already know.   

The overall purpose of sports camp is to develop a wide range of skills within the campers, whether they are social skills, sports skills, etc.  All of these skills are building significantly everyday within the students and the leaders as both groups help each other grow.  

Helping to look after 40 Elementary students is a big responsibility. Please review the handbook for more information.

Sports Camp Leader Handbook


Afternoon Leader Handbook coming soon.

Apply by clicking on the link below, or filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Leader Application