Summer School

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We are pleased to be able to have an in person Summer School program, which begins on Monday, June 13 and ends on Thursday, June 30. 

Please find the course offerings below.

Students will benefit greatly from this educational opportunity to expand their learning. The summer school classes focus on developing the skills that students need to become successful, independent learners as they continue their academic experience at Seisen International School. Having students attend Seisen’s own summer school programs, supports learning for the upcoming year.

You and your daughters can seek advice from the Summer School teachers if they are unsure of which courses to take.

Ann Kagei Middle School Principal             Alex Lee High School Principal

Course Fees for Middle and High School
¥ 50,000 per course
¥130,000 if you register for three courses

All grades listed are for the 2022-2023 school year.

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