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Team Firebird

Originating from our very own Seisen Big Science Day, Firebird established itself as the international experimental-science competitive team formed to enter international science competitions and to enhance science at Seisen. The main goal of the Firebird Science Team is to give the opportunity to passionate and motivated students to pursue science to a higher level in a local and international environment.

In different teams, the students initiated their own projects in STEM fields, entering the CONRAD Innovation Challenge, Google Science Fair or the forthcoming Japan Science and Engineering Challenge (JESC). There were also other projects as the Weather Station Program - implementing and maintaining a local meteorological station on our campus, now starting to forecast weather right from the Seisen Campus.

Seisen Returns to NASA

One of the Firebird Conrad teams have qualified in the top five teams of the Conrad Innovation Challenge

Firebird 2018-19

Here are the Firebirds for 2018-2019 school year:
Grade 9: Seoyoon Chang, Ayame Bevan, Kaarina Sirkka, Victoria Migdalski
Grade 10: Sofyani Tatipamula, Mone Ishimaru, Debangi Mohanta, Mei Takahashi, Lavanya Chhilwar, Amy Phelps
Grade 11: Amana Fujikawa, Fiona Pool, Erika Robottom, Lisa Anderson, Emi Sun, Iris Su


2018 - 2019 PROJECTS


Conrad Innovation Challenge - NASA

An annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurial competition that brings together a dynamic community of innovators and entrepreneurs driving a collaborative movement to develop extraordinary and viable solutions to benefit our world in one of four areas: aerospace & aviation, cyber technology & security, energy & environment, and health & nutrition.
Both teams, Firebird MEI - Amana Fujikawa (11), Erika Robottom (11), Emi Sun (11), Sofyani Tatipamula (10), Debangi Mohanta (10) - Health and Nutrition and Firebird SORA - Fiona Pool (11),  Lisa Anderson (11), Iris Su (11), Lavanya Chhilwar (10), Victoria Migdalski (9) -  Aerospace & Aviation qualified for the semifinals of the Conrad Innovation Challenge.

Firebird MEI - Amana Fujikawa (11), Erika Robottom (11), Emi Sun (11), Sofyani Tatipamula (10), Debangi Mohanta (10) - Health and Nutrition have qualified for the finals of the Conrad Innovation Challenge and will participate in the Conrad Summit at NASA Kennedy Space Center during last week of April!

Japan Science and Engineering Challenge (JESC)

This year Firebird has entered two teams for the Japan Science and Engineering Challenge (JESC).

Mone Ishimaru (10),  Amy Phelps (10), Seoyoon Chang (9) developing a project based on a vanguard academic research – the water filtration and purification by oysters.


Mei Takahashi (10), Ayame Bevan (9), Kaarina Sirkka (9) developing a project based on the investigation of sustainable method to increase soil carbon concentration.

Weather Station Project
The Weather Station Project - sponsored by SPA having the goal to run a local weather station inside our campus.

Phase 1 – Acquisition, mounting, training and implementation of a Local Weather Station on Seisen Campus and starting sending data over Internet is now over.

You can get the Firebird Weather daily on Seisen website!
Phase 2 – 2017 - 2018 School Year
The Firebird team is working on a solution to display weather forecast daily.

Firebird Weather Station

Team Firebird Videos