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Yujin K. ('24) and Limie S. ('24)

canyons trip 2019


Seisen Juniors headed to Minakami Canyons on August 21-23, located in Gunma, around 160 km away from Seisen. The tour offered numerous water-related activities, as Summer’s in Tokyo are notorious for being both hot and humid, giving the students a chance to stay cool! There were also other activities non-related to water, such as hiking on Mt. Tanigawa and ziplining. These activities were a chance for the Grade 11 cohort to build and strengthen their collaboration and communication skills while at the same time letting the students have a fulfilling experience at the Minakami Canyons.


Throughout the trip, the juniors experienced various activities, such as rafting, pack rafting, hiking, and ziplining. Mifuyu H. (11) said that this trip was out of her comfort zone because there were too many activities and students had to share private spaces, such as baths and rooms. Jooeun A. (11) mentioned that for future canyon trips, the school should check the weather prior to the trip, as some activities in the schedule were canceled by the bad weather. Some suggested we got was that the trip would be better if everyone can be more cooperative because there were some activities that required teamwork, such as rowing and controlling the raft.  Mifuyu H. (11) said that the food on the loading was delicious, which provided them with more energy to experience new activities the next day. She added that the trip was very memorable because all the activities they did were adventurous and exciting. “One of the most exciting things in the Canyons trip was that you could experience something new,” Jooeun A. (11) mentioned in the interview. Overall, the Juniors Canyons Trip, although it had a few inconveniences, was a very memorable experience which will be unforgettable.



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