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Jasmine H. ('23) and Sunny S. ('23)

How do you feel about being a father?
To be honest, I think it is very scary in the beginning because I want to make sure that I can do the best possible job to be a good dad. Furthermore, as a biology teacher, I learned about human growth and development, and therefore, I think it is very amazing to see this beautiful baby who is related to me and has 50% of my DNA. At the same time, it's such an amazing feeling. I’m sure your parents also felt that way when they had you. 

What are some difficulties you have faced becoming a father? What are some ways you have overcome it?
I think just like everything else, I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible. A hardship I have encountered in the process of learning regarding parenting. Different sources may contradict one another and it is difficult to know exactly what is right or wrong. Not only do I rely on sources online, but also books. On top of this, the people around me have different ideas. My parents have their own thoughts about what works or what doesn't work for example, whether a baby should be sleeping on their back or stomach. But, the important thing is to learn as much as possible you have to check from many different sources and check for understanding and find out the best approaches. 

How were you able to balance out your two roles?
To be honest, that has been very challenging. This year, I go to school much earlier than I used to be and much later than I used to be as well too. At the same time, my baby also has her schedule too, so if I don't make it home by a certain time, I think that balance is very important and I am still working to find the best way to do that.

How are you trying to get used to your new role as the HS principal and what are some new responsibilities and jobs you have?
I think I said this when a student asked what in the world does an HS principal does. I think a lot of people are not aware of what is going on at Seisen. Yes, it is absolutely challenging but it also an excellent experience. I am also making sure that I am constantly learning. We have all these adults and teachers who are working together to take care of the learning and well being of all students, making sure that everything runs smoothly. There's is the operational side of the school and the student life side. Then there's the academic and learning and trying to balance all of those and enough energy and attention go to the most important pieces. Of course, we want everything to run smoothly with operations and communications, but the school is continually growing the teachers are continually growing and the students are continually growing in their learning. 

How do you think your daily life has changed after becoming a father and an HS principal?

I think my priorities have shifted, the things that are important that I need to take care of, knowing that the position I’m going to be and to be a father. Every minute and second are more important, time is very precious.
I come to school earlier and go back home later, which gives me a limited time to spend with my baby. I am trying to balance between 2 jobs. It's forcing me to be as organized as possible and more efficient with my time. 

If we finish the interview and you step outside from here and find a lottery ticket that wins $20 million, what would you do? Would you just quit your job and go enjoy your life without having to work anymore?

NO. I won't quit my job. I will take some money for future daughter education. Then I will give some to my parents to thank them. Also, I will donate a portion to some charity. Lastly, I will also donate some portion to renew the Seisen building. Probably I will upgrade my iPhone too. 

What would your reaction be if you found out that your daughter is in a relationship? 
... Are you kidding me????? My daughter is only 4 months old!!!!!!! (laughs)

Would you highly motivate your daughter to learn science?
Interesting. I will highly motivate my daughter to remain open-minded and learn as much as possible. I hope she will find something that she is highly motivated in. If she's interested in it and happy about it, I will highly support her. But maybe not a skydiver or shark hunter, because it is dangerous and I will be worried.


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