The Firsts and Lasts in This Year’s Christmas Concert

Lani O. ('20)

In a fast-paced world, do we ever really take the time to savor our first and last moments? We always remember our first memories quite vividly. Looking back on our first moments is very exciting as if it opens up our future to new possibilities. How about our last moments? It might feel different, such as nostalgia and a sense of reassurance that it is the last time it is going to happen in our lives. Here are the voices from the firsts and lasts of this year’s Combined Christmas Choral concert.

Every year, Seisen, St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart, perform together for the joint Christmas concert. Again, just like any other year, the audience was blown away with the student’s amazing performance. Grace. S (11) joined choir this year and reflects on it as a very exciting experience. “The Christmas concert was a blast, and the fact that we were able to give such a spectacular performance after just one combined rehearsal with the two other schools is just so cool!”

There are so many “firsts” you can experience in life and it is a complete understatement to say that it is interesting. She adds on saying, “It was a great experience because I got to witness so many great talented singers. It felt great being part of such an amazing group.” “Firsts” are always momentous and quite a bold memory that would most likely revisit throughout your life. It was delightful to hear that Grace. S (11) had a remarkable experience and we hope that it was a special day for her.

On the other hand, Irene. K (12) reflects on the event to be something opposite as Grace. S’s (11). “Since I was in choir for my entire high school years, it is sad to think that it was my last time. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to sing every year and it’s sad to think that I won’t be a part of something that I was for the past four years.”

We definitely don’t cherish our “last” moments as much as we want to. Irene. K (12) comments, “When I reflect back on it, all the four years went by so quickly and I wish I had savored each moment.”  

Time goes by quickly and we tend to forget our “lasts” when they happen. We all have to remind ourselves to savor our first and last moments. High school goes by in a blink of an eye before you realize it. We are guilty of darting through time and not appreciating the memories we create. Once in a while we should all take a step back and appreciate our moments. Best of luck to all the younger singers for their “last” concert in the coming years and to all the seniors in opening up a new chapter in life as college students!

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