Spring Musical April 12-14, Features "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

Spring Musical April 12-14, Features "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"
Ashita G. ('22)

The Spring Musical features the 1947 musical comedy production, "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". Three students from Seisen were cast, and all put forth an excellent performance! The students share their inputs on overcoming obstacles, as well as their motivation to audition for the musical.

The Spring Musical this year was based on the production, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, a 1967 musical comedy, consisting of a group of friends supporting each other through ups and downs. The musical took place at the beginning of April, to a full house of family, friends, and fellow students. Three people were cast from Seisen; Julia Nicholson (11) as Snoopy, So Eun Lee (9) as Lucy, and Jiaye Xu (10) as the red-headed girl. All three students together with the cast members, backstage crew, and orchestra from St.Marys, Seisen, and Sacred Heart put forth a wonderful performance over two nights, and the matinee was a roaring success.

The cast was selected through an audition process, where students had to read through a script and sing song-lyrics in front of the judges. All the students were very enthusiastic about participating in the musical and enjoyed the auditions, as they were able to show their potential as an actress and singer. Julia N. (11), who played the role of Snoopy, shared, “I had a beagle when I was little, so I am familiar with their behaviors and love them. My mom also loves Snoopy, in the Peanuts show, so she was extremely thrilled once I auditioned, and got the role.” Furthermore, So Eun L. (9) commented, " I love singing/acting, and this was an amazing opportunity to perform and savor the fun experience.” Once our three Seisen members were cast, they were all anticipating the opening date and looking forward to the new memories they would make.

All difficulties faced during the musical, including the hassle to memorize lines, was part of a journey to deliver an even better production. Jiaye X. (10) mentioned, “My character is not emphasized in the show, and so there weren’t enough resources online,” she continued, “I had to portray the character based on my imagination.” Julia N. (11) also commented, “Keeping up with academics is difficult, since we usually reach home late, around 8 or 9. I also needed to build confidence for my singing, as I never took official voice lessons.” As a result of an incredible amount of preparation, all cast members delivered an excellent performance, with new desires to improve their acting skills as they take on new opportunities in the field of performing arts.

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