Speech Competition Brings Success and Strengthens Community

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Mia H. ('22)

The annual KPASS Speech Competition, held at Seisen on Nov 9, was once again, a success, and brought many who participated a sense of relief and satisfaction, as well as creating friendships across the grades. This year, Seisen’s speech team performed well in comparison to previous years, with numerous Gold and All-Star awards from students spanning various categories and grades, as well as a general larger amount of participants. The school team ranked third overall in the competition, with 1 all-star performance in Dramatic Duo, as well as 6 gold, 6 silver, and 3 bronze performances.

The speech season began near the end of August when numerous students went and auditioned for the competition. Following the auditions, many students and their coaches went straight into preparing for the competition over the span of 2 months. After a long period of preparation, many of the performers were immensely relieved after the competition. Seoyoon C. (10), who earned Gold in Original Persuasive stated in regards to the preparation and competition that; “The training for the speech was quite intensive, especially as I had to write my own speech. My coach and I met a lot, but I also spent a lot of time practicing and rehearsing alone. Every time I performed the speech, there were new tweaks and revisions I made in order to perfect it. As I was performing, it felt extremely satisfying and even fun, in a sense, to see how all my hard work had paid off.”

In addition to the competition being an end to all their hard work, participants also developed friendships across the grades; Ashita G. (10) from the Informative category mentioned, “Speech was a fun environment for everybody involved - you get to be a part of the community, where you can see everyone practicing together and working hard to do well, and it just allows you to get to know people from all grades.”
Finally, for those who are hesitant about joining Speech, Victoria M. (10), who performed in Poetic Interpretation this year gives this advice; “If you are wondering whether or not you should join speech, do it. I think everyone should participate in speech. It’s a great experience and no matter what category you participate in, you learn a lot and develop your confidence and public speaking.”

Selected performances from each category: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsrzrhwXsS8

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