Ninao - The soft serve you've been longing for

Ninao - The soft serve you've been longing for
Nimisha A. ('20)

A new taiwanese in Sangenjaya soft-serve cafe boasts over 100 unique flavors. 

With Taiwanese cafes taking Japan by storm, it is not surprising to see hours of lines for the on-trend tapioca stores. While Gong Cha and The Ally take over the streets of Tokyo, a new Taiwanese cafe has opened their first international store in Sangenjaya. Having opened their store last October, Ninao is a cafe sure to bring you new and delicious flavours of soft cream that you will never get tired of - literally. Boasting nearly 110 different flavours of ice cream, Ninao has two different flavors every week, ensuring a unique experience for every visit.

After a five minute walk from the station, a friend and I decided to try their two flavours of the week: peanut, and tikuanyin tea (鉄観音茶). The prices on the menu range from 350 to 550 yen - not very different from a drink at starbucks. The store uses zero artificial flavourings, ensuring a simple, yet flavourful soft serve. The tikuanyin in particular was a desert like no other, perfectly capturing the complex flavours of the Chinese tea while retaining the sweetness of any good ice cream.

Ninao also offers iced tea, with tea jelly, only available in the Japanese stores. They open from 12:00 pm~11pm (opening at 11am on weekends), but serve a limited number of products everyday. The store also offers in-store seating, for those looking for a small break away from their daily routines. So next time you're looking for a new place to fulfill our sweet-treat desires, why not try this new taiwanese cafe?


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