Middle School Bowled their Way to Friendship

Middle School Bowled their Way to Friendship
Tanaya N. (23) & Elena N. ('23)

Read here to find out how the Middle School bowing went.

The Middle School bowling trip took place at Citizen Bowling Alley on September 28. Although the venue was a fair distance away from Seisen, the Citizen Bowling Alley was alive with lots of laughter and new conversations with new people for two hours in the late afternoon.

This activity was an enjoyable way for the students to interact with their classmates outside of lessons. Talking and interacting with others from different schools, backgrounds, and ages was a  great experience. 

Some of the students were introduced to bowling for the first time, while some had more experience. Those who were skilled provided advice and tips to the other students on how to play the game. Margot Barland (8) said, “ I think that bowling was fun because  I was with all my friends. Even though I have been bowling before, I improved my skills as my friends helped, and together we all had a lot of fun.”

Overall, Ema Kakimoto (8) says, “The middle school bowling was a memorable trip that allowed me to interact with people I don’t normally talk to. It was an excellent trip and I’m really glad I went!” The Middle School Bowling trip was an event that allowed students to take a break from their classes, meet new people and most importantly, have fun!




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