KG Outing to Kinuta Park; Why go to Kinuta?

KG Outing to Kinuta Park; Why go to Kinuta?
Erika R. ('20)

The Kindergarten students traveled to Kinuta for their yearly tradition of relaxing and enjoying nature. 

At school, many things are controlled, such as where to go, when to leave, what to do, and more. This restriction is placed even harsher on the kindergarten students, who barely have any control over where they can go within the school. The kindergarten students traveled to Kinuta Park on September 28 in order to experience a world without these restrictions. The kindergarteners were able to have the time of their lives at Kinuta thanks to the sunny, cooperating weather.


“Kinuta Park offers a sense of freedom for the students” explained Ms. Lara, the Marigold teacher. “In contrast to the KG playground, which has gates enclosing the Kindergarten area, and classrooms, the park allowed the students to experience a place free from restriction.” Ms. Aiko, also a Marigold teacher added on, “It’s important to give the students time with nature. It's part of being a kid and they should learn to be respectful of the environment.” Additionally, the KG students were able to learn a lot from going to Kinuta; it helped them grow socially, mentally, and physically.  They were able to learn how to balance and have more control over their bodies, they were able to reduce stress levels, make more friends, and an overall new experience.


The KG students had a blast at Kinuta, learning and exploring the new environment, by climbing trees, having scavenger hunts, and having a picnic immersed in nature. Both the teachers and the students wish to go to Kinuta more often in order to allow the students to truly, explore the world as it is.



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