JV Tennis Jamboree: The Beginning of a Thrilling Season

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JV Tennis Jamboree: The Beginning of a Thrilling Season
Hikari I. ('23) and Seoyoon C. ('22)

The JV Tennis Jamboree was a learning experience for many. 

The Junior Varsity Tennis team traveled to ASIJ on September 14 to compete and have fun in their first jamboree, otherwise known as a friendly game. Many schools attended the event, including ISSH (International School of Sacred Heart), YIS (Yokohama International School), SMIS (St. Mary’s International School), CAJ (Christian Academy In Japan), and ASIJ ( American School In Japan). Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, Seisen managed to win 6 out of 22 games and Seisen athletes were able to show their best effort throughout. The jamboree was a rare opportunity that allowed Seisen athletes to watch, learn from and compete with other talented players.

Divided into either singles or doubles, athletes played a total of 22 games. Dain L. (10), who played against ISSH and YIS, shared her thoughts on the overall outcome: “I think our team played hard, and although some of us came short, it was a good experience as we were able to play against Varsity teams of other schools.” Additionally, Anais F. (10) stated, “From this experience, we were able to grow as team players”. Both of our Seisen team players reported that having the opportunity to play either in singles or doubles differs from other competitive sports because tennis players can develop teamwork or strong independence depending on the player’s choice (which can be changed throughout). Other sports, on the other hand, mostly provide only one option–to play as a team or as an individual. Hence, the various options tennis allows makes it a very unique sport.


Despite the losses, they were able to develop their confidence and communication skills for singles and doubles accordingly. While some players feel comfortable with an additional player on the court, this experience helped them to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to conquer their fears on the court.

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