HS Brainbowl Enhances Student Learning Abilities at Seisen

Ashita G. ('22)

The Annual Brain Bowl competition took place on October 11, where students from 8 schools in the Kanto Plains including St. Mary’s and International School of Sacred Heart put their trivia knowledge to the test. The 8 students from the Seisen Brainbowl team came 5th place in the competition, where they combined various skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and independence. Each student in Brainbowl had the opportunity to specialize in a specific category which included areas such as literature, art, and science. 

“Highschool brain bowl is very competitive,” Mr. Dutki, the coach, comments, “Students have to challenge themselves through intense competition.” Highschool brain bowl is shown to be more advanced than the Middle school brain bowl through which is evident in their frequent and difficult practice schedules. Although it is difficult to ensure one’s time management skills, students learn to balance their daily schedules along with brain bowl practices. Aisling F.(12) mentions, “ It’s all worth it because you eventually learn to take risks in learning.” 

Brainbowl also helped improve the learning development of students at Seisen. Although collaboration is most important to perform the best in the competition, each student has the responsibility to prepare individually. Working individually will also ensure each person focuses on improving their skills which in turn would help them in their future learning. The students are responsible for studying and preparing for an outstanding performance, therefore, even though it is a team activity, it is also improved by individual working. Following, Mika. W (9) mentioned, “Brainbowl inspires you to research on your own and go deeper in your learning.”At the end of the day, it's your own effort put in that counts. Therefore, Brainbowl encourages improvement within both concepts: Independency and Collaboration. Additionally, it improves the skill of time-management and perseverance knowing there is an opportunity to showcase your efforts and learning. Aisling (12) commented, “It's a good way to put your knowledge into your test and at the end, you feel a sense of accomplishment.” Brainbowl has shown to create an environment for students where they are able to enhance their knowledge in all subjects.


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