How To Prepare For Musical Auditions

Hikari I. ('23)


Wizard of Oz the Movie 1954

   Have you ever been interested in auditioning for your school’s musical or play? If so, you probably also know how nerve wracking it can be, imagining yourself auditioning in front of strict judges with stern faces. Just recently, musical auditions for the 'Wizard Of Oz' were held at St Mary’s on December 11th, 2019. Many were nervous prior to the auditions, but they were also very excited to show off their individual talents. If a lack of confidence is stopping you from auditioning for the musical, or any events in particular, it’s crucial for you to know that practicing and having confidence in yourself is the key steps on acing your audition with zero stress. Although the audition were nerve wrecking, it was definitely worth it in the end on the final night!


   First of all, you need to have confidence in yourself. Auditioning may be very intimidating, but your first big step in passing is to be bold. You’ll never be able to make it to the audition room unless you believe that you’ll pass and impress the judges. Like Oprah Winfrey once said, “It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allow us to keep looking for new adventures." Even if you think you’re not good enough at acting compared to others, or the way you act on stage is different to others, that is not true. Every actress or actor has their own unique style. Will Smith once said, “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard.” Aspiring to act like someone will only take away your own unique, personalized acting skills. In musical auditions, not only will you have to act, but you’ll also have to sing. Singing is another way to express your individuality to the judges, since everyone has their own exclusive way of singing. In my case, I got really nervous when I sang in front of judges at the Wizard of Oz auditions. My hands started shaking, and so did my voice. My confidence level went down immediately when I started to sing, so the solution I came up with was to practice. 


   Practicing is very beneficial when it comes to auditioning. Practicing, which can also be done at home, is very important in singing and acting. For example, you can find a video of a musical on YouTube and listen to it, and maybe even sing along to some of the songs. Julia N. 12), a senior who will be playing the role of Dorothy in this year’s musical, commented on some tips on how to sing better. “Keep your throat warm and keep a thermos with warm tea or water. Practice vocal warmups frequently.” she had said. Once you get familiar with some of the songs, you can ask some of your friends to judge your singing, or record yourself on your phone and judge it by yourself. Also, you can simply look at a mirror and act out any monologue you found on the Internet. By looking at yourself while acting, you’re able to dial the depth and range of emotions and gestures you put into your act. Julia N. 12) also commented on acting while singing. “When you’re singing, imagine yourself as the character and really bring out the emotions.” she had said. After I auditioned for the Wizard of Oz musical, I regretted not practicing at home, since I could’ve had more confidence in myself if I had. Even if you don’t pass the auditions, it’s important to keep on practicing afterwards and persevere for next year’s musical auditions.


  Acting and singing can be seen as a difficult task for some individuals. However, with maintained practice and substantial confidence, you will be able to feel satisfied within how much acting experience you have gained. If you don’t pass the audition, that does not convey that you’re a bad actor/actress or singer. Failure is the most important key to success. Accepting failure and learning from it is the most efficient way to grow, not just as an actor or singer, but also as an individual. Keanu Reeves once said that “every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.” 


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