House Picnic Wraps the Week with Fun and Interaction

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Seoyoon C. ('22)

The Seisen House Picnic, an all-day event hosted every year for students in kindergarten to high school, was once again successful in creating new bonding experiences and allowing students to have fun. In spite of the picnic being moved a week later from its scheduled date to October 25 because of unfavorable weather conditions, the event allowed students from varying grades, as well as teachers, to interact with one other in their respective houses. 

Although going to Kinuta Park was excluded from the agenda, students and teachers were still able to enjoy various activities in classrooms and the gymnasium. Students, alongside teachers, were divided into smaller teams within their houses to maximize social interaction and allow everyone to get a chance to talk to someone, whether they know each other or not. In order to smoothly carry out the activities, group leaders were assigned to organize activities for teams. When asked to describe the event in three words, Ayaka N. (9) commented, “relaxing, interaction, and fun”. The House Picnic is surely one of the most exciting events in the fall as it involves all students and teachers to engage in different activities ranging from puzzle building to long jump. Ashita G. (10) stated that her favorite activity was flag making, as “it helped the team to collaborate and come up with creative designs”. As the entertaining day came to a wrap with Iwaki winning overall, many students were able to build amazing experiences with others younger and older.

Overall, the House Picnic added a successful finale to a busy week of October as many students were able to take a temporary break from academics and instead engage in social interactions. With many new and creative events constituting the House Picnic to accommodate to the inclement weather, students and teachers bonded with team members and enjoyed the day filled with excitement. 

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