Fall Band Festival

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Fall Band Festival
Jasmine Y. ('23)

Fall Band Festival

Fall band festival is a band festival that various international school attends. The Festival took place in CAJ on November 13. The Seisen Symphonic Band played three pieces: Ecanto, Washington Post and Air For Band.

The Seisen Symphonic Band had grown a lot by practicing weekly. The concert opened with the string instruments from CAJ. Seisen Symphonic Band presented third. Every member of the band was excited and nervous but gave their best shots. The performance went well in the end and everyone enjoyed it. The concert provided a scarce opportunity of not only listening to band performances from various schools but also receiving feedback from professionals to learn about their weaknesses. After a long day, members of the Symphonic band finally arrived back to Seisen with the memories of this wonderful festival. The band looks forward to creating more memories at the Anaheim Heritage Festival in March of 2020.

One student mentioned that the fall band festival is special because it is only held once a year when every international school in Tokyo gather together to perform. Also, it helps us get feedback from professionals, which can be advantageous for future performances. Another student claimed that what makes the fall band festival so special is that it is a chance for schools to gather together to perform and listen to each other’s performances. 

Furthermore, when asked about possible improvements in the performance, one student stated that they think they should practice more to gain confidence and work on the timing of the breathing, as the conductor said. Overall, they thought that they did better than expected during the performance. 

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