Engaging with Nature: Grade 7 Ski Trip

Mifuyu H. ('21)

Gliding over the crisp snow whilst feeling the fresh mountain air blowing in your faceーthis is something you never feel in the streets of Tokyo. From February 4 to February 7, the Grade 7s traveled to Hakuba to ski on the slopes, giving the students an opportunity to unplug, enjoy nature, and break out of their comfort zone. 

On the first day, the students were unable to ski due to a lack of snow. Instead, they took the time to settle into their rooms and enjoy the indoors, ensuring the deepening of bonds with their peers. Fortunately, from the second day, they were able to ski under the guidance of their instructors in their pre-made respective groups, categorized by skiing level. When asked about the highlight of the trip, Ami B. (‘25) jokingly responded, “It was fun to ski without any adult supervision, although we eventually got lost in the forest.” Furthermore, she reminisced an amusing memory: “As our room was filled with stink bugs, we smashed them all. Little did we know that this will result in the bugs releasing a stinky scent.” 

The perfunctory intention of a typical school trip may merely encompass the strengthening of friendships; however, this trip attained more than that. In an era where screen addiction among teens is pervasive, teens are increasingly deeming technological devices as a substitute for engagement with the environment. Perhaps, students being exposed to both positive and negative facets of interacting with nature may have ensued in them seeing nature through a different lens. 

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