Emotional Yet Exciting Day with the JV Volleyball Team

Emotional Yet Exciting Day with the JV Volleyball Team
Pearl D. ('23)

Towards the end of every JV volleyball season, all Kanto teams go head-to-head competing to be the Kanto League champions. For the past two consecutive years, the Seisen Phoenix has won the title of League champions. Throughout the season, the JV volleyball team has had fifteen games and fifteen wins. This year, the tournament was held at ASIJ (American School in Japan), on November 2nd, consisting of seven teams. Of these seven teams, Seisen played against ISSH (International School of the Sacred Heart), Kinnick, and ASIJ (American School in Japan). As the team was undefeated throughout the season, they were excited and positive going into the tournament.  

The first team they faced was ISSH  (International School of the Sacred Heart). The game was successful, as they had an easy 2-0 win. With this win, they were able to advance to the semi-finals against Kinnick High School. When the team played against them during the league games, they had a victorious win. This, however, did not change their mindset about the game, as they did not want to feel over-confident going into the game. This state of mind lead them to great things, as they had a clean sweep by defeating Kinnick 2-0!

Following JV’s triumphant 2-0 wins against ISSH and Kinnick, they were only one game away from being deemed as Kanto League champions. Going into the game, the players were excited yet a bit nervous. Unfortunately, Seisen lost the first set, they were determined to come back, which they, fortunately, did in the second set. The winner of the third set would determine who was the Kanto League champion; so the pressure was on. The third set was to 15 points and was very intense, close by a few points. Sadly, Seisen came up short in the end. 

Despite the loss to ASIJ, they had an amazing season and should be proud of their accomplishments. Maya Hemmi (9) stated, “We such brilliant and skilled players on our team this year, and we had such great team chemistry. I am really glad and honored to be apart of such an amazing team, and although we didn’t place as high first, I am really proud of all that we have accomplishments including being undefeated in the league.” It was an amazing season, and surely they all look forward to the next!

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