Cross Country Finals: Tremendous Improvement Shown with Dedication!

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Cross Country Finals: Tremendous Improvement Shown with Dedication!
Ashita G. ('22)

2019 XC Finals 

After a tough season of training, runners participated in the annual Cross Country Finals, where they were able to perform and showcase their improvement over the season, during the 3.3km course for middle school, and 4.4km for high school students. This race marked the end of the Cross Country season for a majority of the students, excluding athletes participating in the Far East championships which will take place in a week’s time. Although many were nervous about their last race, they were also excited to compete against all of the Kanto Plain schools, including ASIJ, as well as ISSH. It was an opportunity for students to display their talents and achievements, ranging from beating a PR (Personal Record) to overcoming an obstacle (for instance, the ‘killer hill’, which most athletes can agree is extremely tough to conquer). 

This year, we, unfortunately, had to farewell to 3 Varsity runners: two seniors, Nana. R and Siona. L, and one sophomore, Kaarina. S. After the race, we were able to celebrate their last cross country race as a team, with a wonderful picnic organized by parents and coaches. Each member showcased their hard work and efforts throughout their years of cross country and displayed improvement, not only as an athlete but as a person.

The three runners commented on their experiences during the cross country season. 

Nana. R (12): “Throughout my five years of Cross Country training, I found that each team every year was unique in itself. The finals are at the end of the season when we have grown comfortable with each other, so we were able to bond really well. I’m definitely going to miss my teammates and the daily practices because I had some memorable experiences that outweighed the toughness of each workout.”


Siona. L (12): “Doing Cross Country for 7 years has been one of the best things that I ever did. I learned so much throughout the years and became very close with my teammates which makes this an experience I will never forget. ”


Kaarina. S (10): “It was very in the end, I think it was worth it - to have the motivation and keep it going even when you face challenges - and needless to say, I had an awesome journey, competing as a cross country runner, at Seisen.”


Additionally, Mr. Granger, their coach, shared his enthusiasm with this year’s season, mentioning that “the season, for both middle and high schoolers, were beyond expectation,” and that “all the 3 runners this year were a great addition to the team. It was great to see Siona into practice consistently, ‘No-Drama Nana’ demonstrated great leadership, and Kaarina was able to achieve an incredible PR (Personal Record) today.”


Congratulations to all the runners who competed throughout the Cross Country season, and we wish all the best the athletes attending the Far East Championships next week!

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