Crazy Canyons Campers

Lani O. ('20)

Living in  Tokyo, Seisen students live in what is known as a “concrete jungle.” The Grade 11’s traveled to Gunma prefecture for a three-day trip to experience thrilling activities. Students were able to make stronger bonds among each other through spending a rich time filled with memories. Now with only two more years of high school left and starting IB, here are some of the voices from the Grade 11’s about their Canyons trip.

Lauren W. (11) spent her three days in an outdoor tent: glamping. She said “It really allowed us to experience nature. It was scary when the lights didn’t turn on and everything was pitch black. But besides that, it was so much fun!” 

In addition, starting from this school year, Seisen decided to shift the trips for the Grade 11’s and 12ʻs to the beginning of the school year to limit the conflicting issues with the IB schedule. Amana F. (11) commented, “It was a great start and it was really fun. But at the same time I kind of wish we were going sometime in the middle of the school year so we will have a small break from IB.” Nina F. (11) added on, “I thought it was a fun idea but now I feel like there’s nothing for me to work for. I feel like we should have another trip towards the end of the year. I feel like it was a bit too early.”


Not everyone had a joyous time throughout the trip. Here is Sarah A. (11)’s scary “nightmare” story. “I seemed to be a problem with bugs, even though there were four people in the same tent. One night I had been harassed by this bug and another night, my bag had a spider web. That was a horrendous memory for me.” 

In regards to the trip starting earlier, she adds a different perspective from other Grade 11’s. “Having the trip at the beginning of the year helped us to get to know each other more by going through scary situations together such as canyoning. If the trip was at the end of the year, we would already know each other well.” Others even add that having it at the beginning was beneficial to introduce themselves to new students.

Living in Tokyo limits the opportunity for students to interact and spend their days with nature. Having a break from the busy atmosphere, the Grade 11’s definitely enjoyed their time challenging themselves with activities and simply spending a rich time with their friends. 

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