Countering Climate Change at Seisen

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Luna K. ('21)

   While our planet seems to be facing troubles left and right, with global warming constituting hazards in various aspects, the ocean being plagued with plastic, and our atmosphere clouding up with greenhouses gases, the number of environmentally conscious people has grown as well, bringing the much-needed attention to these issues. Young people have made their huge footprint in the world of activism to counter reckless organizations, amongst other roots of the declining situation, who seem to favour the exponential economic growth over saving humanity from exponential environmental deterioration. From Greta Thunberg to the hundreds of thousands of students worldwide walking the climate strikes, more and more heads are turning towards the detrimental pits that our planet may be falling into. Clubs at Seisen are taking strides to counteract the catastrophes as well. 

 The Environmental Action Initiative EL (Experiential Learning) was introduced to Seisen this year, lead by Mr. Bevan. This EL, open to both middle school and high school, aims to make Seisen more environmentally friendly and is open to both middle and high school. When asked about the activity’s ambitions, Millie T. (8) remarked that it ​​​​​​​was to “make Seisen an eco-friendly place”, with “more trees, plants, and less availability of single-use plastic”. “We went around the school and saw problems such as food waste in the cafeteria and overuse of plastic”, she added. Cheyoung Y. (7) reflected that some of the proposed solutions the group will be focusing on are developing a compost system and more sustainable solutions in regards to the packaging of after-school snacks. 

  The abuse of single-use plastics is expanding, threatening to meet the Paris climate agreement. In spite of 77 countries on board with the UN’s plans to achieve net-zero global emissions by 2050, corporations blindsided by money are still at fault for carbon emissions. The Environmental Action Initiative, being open to middle and high school students as well, allows for more environmental consciousness even within younger grades—perhaps this consciousness amongst youth will produce a generation that prioritizes survival over economic gain. ​​​​​​​

Groups like this will be the building blocks for bigger movements to hopefully reverse the avalanche of problems our planet is facing.  


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