Another Year of Ecstatic Performances from the Wabi-Sabi Fall One-Act Play!

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Victoria M. ('22)

The annual Seisen and St. Mary’s Wabi-Sabi One-Act Play was, once again, a tremendous success. With the performance taking place on two nights, Thursday, October 17 to Friday, October 18, the show consisted of five distinct plays, each roughly 20 minutes long, all tied together with their joint science-based theme of “Under the Microscope”. Both nights were filled with wondrous, ecstatic energy coming from both the packed audience and the cast on stage. A common reason why many people audition to be a part of the experience is that the Fall Play builds a bridge between people of different grades and schools, and forms the groundwork of the formation of new friendships.

The cast, which consisted of 17 Seisen students, had spent the month and a half leading up to their show getting into the shoes of their roles, memorizing their lines, and brushing up their performance. As the weeks went by, everyone became more comfortable with their fellow were evident in the effective communication and collaboration between members of each play throughout the last few rehearsals. Hikari I. 9), who played the role of Stacy in the play Victor commented, “In my play, there were four people in total. Each one of us was from a different grade, which at first made it really difficult for us to communicate with each other. However, as we spent more time rehearsing together after school, I got to become close with the whole cast.” 

Furthermore, the backstage crew faced many challenges as well, in terms of the precision of the light and sound cues. Hana H. 10), who was the first-ever female student involved in sound, stated, “Throughout the rehearsals, a challenge I faced was that I messed up and played a really loud sound too early or missed an important sound cue on a few occasions. I guess all I could do was ignore it and keep going. But a couple of times there were problems with the tech, so we overcame that by staying calm, and fixing the problem. To be honest the whole process involved a bit of panicking and we fixed it, and everything went smoothly for the actual show!” Even though there were a few difficulties both on and behind stage throughout the development for the production, at the end of the day all of the challenges and mistakes shape the play into a magnificent performance which the audience loved.

Finally, for those who are contemplating about being a part of the Fall Play next year, or maybe even the Musical in the Spring, here is an insight on why you should join by Julia N. 12), a senior who sparkled through her last performance in the Fall Play: “The whole experience of the Fall Play is great. You get to meet new people, and the whole experience of being on stage is very helpful as well.”


Here is a link to the live stream of this year’s Wabi-Sabi One-Act Play:

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