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"How International is the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Seisen?"
“I had stomached watching excessive use of force for years” — An Interview with an Ex-Officer
Police Brutality Needs to Stop; Police Reforms Need to Happen
Thoughts on Privilege and Anti-Racist Reform in International Schools in a Time of Change
Why Do People DREAM?
Is College Worth It?

Exploring the dilemma of to what extent  college is worth it, given the significant inflation in tuition fees and overwhelming student debt. (If too long to read, please read at least the ending!).

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Why Do People DREAM?

This article's main purpose is to give people an idea of what their dreams might indicate and what the real purpose of your dreams are. Are they important or not? Read more to find out.

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Wheelchair Basketball with Shinji Negi

Shinji Negi, a former wheelchair basketball player, came to Seisen and delivered an inspiring performance. Through the opportunity of interviewing the athlete, we learned more about his personal life and advice for future players.

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What It's Like to Be a Counsellor

Ms.Cristina has been a counsellor here at Seisen for 3 years. Not only is she a role model for many students, but also a helping hand in their times of great need. In this in-depth interview with her, we focus on sharing what it's like to be a counsellor and much more, with the students and faculty at Seisen.

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The Enemy of Humanity and our Earth: Petrochemicals

The smell of cleaning detergents, a widely regarded fragrance, permeating schools, are posing severe risks, not limited to depression, anxiety, birth defects, infertility, multiple chemical sensitivity(MCS), intractable diseases, and degenerative diseases such as cancer, merely due to ignorance. 

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Exploring Appalling Untold Stories in Cambodia: Why We Need to Use Privilege to Serve Communities

This summer, I traveled to Cambodia and was completely taken aback by their current living circumstances. This article not only sheds light on the haunting history of the Khmer Rouge along with its little-known repercussions to today's Cambodia, but also what I took away from this experience. 

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Spring Musical April 12-14, Features "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

The Spring Musical features the 1947 musical comedy production, "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". Three students from Seisen were cast, and all put forth an excellent performance! The students share their inputs on overcoming obstacles, as well as their motivation to audition for the musical.

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Growing Out of Creativity

In our constantly evolving world, with technology easily replacing manpower, how can we ready the next generation, if we tie them down to the current norms? This article explores the lack of creativity in our current educational systems, and the importance of reshaping the mindsets of people on the creative arts 

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