Many Upcoming UK and US University Visits
Awing Lui - Higher Education and University Advisor

There are many in person university visits and fairs over the next few weeks.

There are many in person university visits and fairs over the next few weeks. On Monday 27th March, Seisen will be hosting a UK university fair where 23 universities are available for students and parents to visit and ask questions! On Tuesday 4th April, several US universities including UC Davis, Connecticut College, Loyola University Maryland, Indiana University, Sarah Lawrence and more are visiting! There are also individual university visits such as Cambridge, University College London, Boston University, Loyola Marymount University etc. Don’t forget to check managebac messages and subscribe to the university calendar for all the details. 

Don’t forget, you are not making a commitment. You don’t have to apply to attend these talks. It is always nice to find out the different options out there and give yourself more opportunities! You might be surprised!


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Douglas Brittain

As part of their exit from the CAS program, every senior recently sat with their Advisor and the CAS Coordinator for an informal 15-minute chat known as the final interview. Most students were ready to be done with CAS, relieved that they had passed another milestone in their school journey (not just done with CAS, they are also done with the Core!), but still reminisced on the highlights and lowlights of the journey.