TEDx Tech team
Jiaxing Xu

The Tech team is led by Ann Katashiba (g11) and we are in charge of promoting the TEDxSeisenInternationalSchool by making entertaining videos that we post on our new Youtube Channel, such as speakers/leader interviews, behind the scenes, and more. We have also been updating the TEDx website which was launched in December. (make sure to check it out @seisen.com/tedx.)

The official TEDx event will take place in April, we hope to see you there!!

Stay tuned for more content :) 


HS EXPLORER Monthly Updates

More Student Group Updates

TEDx Design Team
Ariana Hill

we aspire to make designs that catch your eye so that you consider attending our event in April!

3D Modeling Club
Eon, Jiwon, James, and Marina

Our explorations with 3D modeling software, Blender

Social Justice Committee
Suebin, Yui, and Akar

We will be selling accessories from simple to fancy designs!! All the profits will be donated to Second Harvest.

StuCo Events and Updates
Aina Sekido

HS StuCo has dedicated a handful amount of time and collaborated with Seisen students to organize a crowd-funding and fundraiser for female Ukrainian refugees

What is 'Neurodiversity?' - Social Justice Committee
Yui Araki

The Social Justice Committee is now up to a new topic. We are bringing the conversation up about neurodiversity through a collaboration with the Sacred Heart Social Service Council. Please take a read of this article to find out what neurodiversity is, and how we can support it!

SV Med Club - Kicking Off 2022-23
Kohko Kamimura

S&V Med focuses on action, service, and thanks within the medical field in response to a growing demand for medical volunteers, local service work, and in light of nurse and aid shortages within Japan.