Second Seisen MUN 8th October 2022
Yui Kuramochi

Second Seisen MUN 8th October 2022

On October 8th, delegates from 5 Kanto plains schools BST, ISSH, KIST, SMIS, and Seisen,  spent an exciting day navigating, and experiencing issues in political dynamics between nations in a simulation on Global Politics based on Game Theory. The aim of this conference was to support the UNHCR in considering the ongoing humanitarian issues for the education of refugee children (SGD 4 Quality Education) and also to create an environment that aids in raising awareness about power balances between global superpowers. And above this conference gave the opportunity for high school students to foster cooperation and friendship across schools
In the Opening Ceremony, the facilitator of the Game, Dr. Etzrodt from the University of Osaka, emphasized the importance of the choices we make and stressed the importance and impact of ethical choices. He explained the gist of game theory, scoring for various games for the day, and the roles each country plays in International politics. He kindly mapped for us, the roles of various positions, as well as the special dynamism to be aware of. This gave us an insight into the national and international games that are within and between countries.
Throughout the day, the delegates took the liberty of freely initiating discussions and negotiations for their respective games. Delegates from countries and agencies were busy negotiating keeping in mind their interests and risk factors. The USA, due to its powerful global position, was expectedly popular among other delegates who wished to negotiate and make deals. However, the delegates of the USA took an interesting stance and tactic to work more with the EU and avoided other global superpowers such as Russia & China. Though the dominant nations participated in heated debates, the outcomes of the day revealed a surprising twist that left many surprised. The turnout was Nigeria and Saudi Arabia fighting through with 8 points, making them the game’s winner. Their strategy was to keep everyone guessing till the end, and not relieve their true intentions. This reflected the ethical stance that most of the delegates opted for the various games' simulation. As Liza said in the opening speech, “we can do much better than most of the world leaders”.
All delegates have shown great potential and passion in debating at the conference. The Seisen MUN truly appreciates the support of the high school administration and the continuous hard work of the club advisors: Ms. Yunus and Ms. Maekawa, in mentoring us, and the active participation of the delegates of Seisen and of the participating schools. As we move forward the Seisen MUN club is excited to welcome the new delegates, who are joining the club and look forward to all future conferences. Last but not least the Friday morning debates meetings, where we practice and develop our skills as we debate on current global issues.
 ~ Yui Kuramochi (11) & Kanak Arjunwadkar (10)


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