Fall Sports Season Takes the Crown!
Ann Jasmine Katashiba

The Phoenix had a dominating end to the fall sports season and really soared to the top!

Middle School Cross Country won the last race of the season against other international schools and finished their season undefeated. Zafira Strauss, Minami Kota, Ellen Ka, Kokomo Sakurai, and Jisun Yoon all finished in the top 10!

Varsity Cross Country ran their last race at Tama hills and had a phenomenal showing, with all five runners placing in the top 12 and winning the race, edging out Sacred Heart by 2 points. Congratulations to Lilika Yasumura (10), Ashley Grantham (10), Leesze Wei (9), Ako Dambara (9), and Farah Mohamed (12)!

JV Tennis had their Kanto Finals and doubles 1 team of Sabrina Henderson (9), and Minyoung Song (9) finished as JV Doubles Champions!

Varsity Tennis Team had their Kanto Finals in Chiba. Isha Kumar (12) made it to the singles semi-finals, and both doubles teams also made it to the semi-finals, finishing second overall!

Middle School A-Team Volleyball competed in their end-of-season tournament at ASIJ. They beat Nishimachi in the quarter-finals, ASIJ in the semi-finals, and YIS in the finals to become A Team Champion!

JV Volleyball was at CAJ for their end of season tournament and beat ASIJ JVB in the quarter-finals, CAJ in the semi-finals, and ASIJ in the finals, taking the JV Volleyball Champions!

Varsity Volleyball was at Sacred Heart for their Kanto Tournament and advanced straight to the semi-finals beating Sacred Heart and ASIJ in the finals. They finished the season as undefeated league champions!

Congratulations to all the seniors who have led their teams to a successful season.
Cross Country seniors: Emma Kakimoto and Farah Mohamed
Tennis Seniors: Ayaka Nishitani, Isha Kumar, Jiyu Kim, Mia Akai
Volleyball Seniors: Aina Sekido, Ann Katashiba, Ariana Hill, Lisa Purcell, Maya Hemmi, Maya Morikuni

The winter sports season is upon us! Middle School Soccer and High School Basketball are back for another epic season of victories. Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon!


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