Seisen Post (Student Newspaper of Seisen International School in Tokyo)
Breonna Taylor: Story of a Friend and Victim
"How International is the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Seisen?"
“I had stomached watching excessive use of force for years” — An Interview with an Ex-Officer
Police Brutality Needs to Stop; Police Reforms Need to Happen
Thoughts on Privilege and Anti-Racist Reform in International Schools in a Time of Change
Why Do People DREAM?
How To Prepare For Musical Auditions
Phoenix on the Rise: Chiang Mai Basketball Tournament Champions
All About the Coronavirus
Engaging with Nature: Grade 7 Ski Trip
Putting an End to Corporate Greed: Woke Capitalism
Wheelchair Basketball with Shinji Negi
Uganda: The Pearl of Africa
What It's Like to Be a Counsellor
What Japanese History Lessons Leave Out; How Japanese Education Encourages Hatred Towards its Neighboring Nations 
Designer Babies, The Key To A Better Developed World
The Argument for Trump's Impeachment
Emotional Yet Exciting Day with the JV Volleyball Team
The Enemy of Humanity and our Earth: Petrochemicals

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