Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Spring 2020 Magazine Edition

From the Seisen Post Editors:

Not only have we strived to highlight topics that may pique your interest and lighten your lives, but also to make this issue as student-directed as possible, which is why we have included an IB and EE advice column for current sophomores and juniors. Amidst the chaos we have been experiencing lately, it must be difficult to grasp a sense of direction for the upcoming school year, but we hope this will guide you.

We would like to thank everyone that has made this possible, notably Miss Oxley, Ms. Nitu, the Seisen Administration, our layout editor Seoyoon Chang, and last but not least, our wonderful writers. Coordinated by Juniors Miffy Hori and Luna Kanagawa, on behalf of the Seisen Post, we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed our first magazine issue.

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Seisen Post Magazine: February 2020

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