The 8th Grade trip to Hiroshima enabled the students to engage with the culture and history of the prefecture: April 2 ~ April 5

The 8th Grade trip to Hiroshima enabled the students to engage with the culture and history of the prefecture: April 2 ~ April 5
Emilie.O ('20)

This article covers the cultural aspects of the Grade 8 Hiroshima trip.

The Year 8 cohort traveled to Hiroshima in April for four days which has become a regular tradition for students. The highlights were visiting Himeji castle, the World War 2 Peace Memorial Park, the world heritage site of Miyajima, and Shukkei Garden. Throughout the excursion, the Seisen students gained new experiences, became closer as a grade and deeply engaged with the culture and history of Hiroshima.

Hikari Ishi (8) stated, “The best part of the Hiroshima trip was when we went to Miyajima and got to see deers in their natural environment and wander around.” The teachers had similar opinions. Ms. Ota stated, “The best part of the excursion for me was collaborating with the other teachers. We worked as a team to make sure the students were having a memorable and enjoyable experience!” Mr. Walters said, “For me, the best part was working with this team of teachers and getting to spend time with them. I also don't normally work with 8-2, so it was an interesting way to get to know them.”

The trip was very successful for both students and teachers as they got to engage with the enriching culture and history of Japan. Tanaya N. (8) exclaimed, “Walking through the Shukkei garden and through the temples in Miyajima made me feel very spiritually connected to Japanese culture.” Moreover, the eighth graders have been studying a variety of Japanese religions in their Social Studies unit and Mr. Bevan claimed that the Hiroshima trip further developed their understanding. He stated, “The Hiroshima trip really did help the students have a hands-on experience with Japanese religions. One example of this is the common confusion of what the difference between temples and shrines. Going to Miyajima cleared this confusion, in a way.”

The Hiroshima trip was a successful journey and it allowed the teachers and the eighth graders to experience the culture of Hiroshima while having fun.

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