Special Thanks to the Seniors!

Luna Kanagawa-Chiu

Thank you to Jenny and Nene! 


   This year at the Seisen Post, although there were changes from the previous year with a new set of leading seniors and new advisors, we were able to have great successes. The Journalism team would like to thank Mr. Bevan, the preceding organizer, for establishing a good environment for the Seisen Post to thrive, Ms. Oxley, for being a great guiding figure in terms of both the organization and aiding us with the content of our articles, as well as providing constant guidance. 

   The many articles written and published by the Seisen Post showcase school spirit, the diversity and creativity of Seisen students, as well as the student’s own perspectives on issues ranging from the ethnic persecution of minorities, to foods from different cultures, to the environmental problems we face today.  

  The 2019 Seniors in particular were a great driving force for the Journalism team. Jenny. N and Nene. H are hugely appreciated, with their consistent efforts to encourage students to write, publish, and explore different topics, both related to school and not. Being a part of the Seisen Post requires persistence and patience, as well as organization, but with the 12th graders that were in charge, we were able to breeze through the year with ease. For the newcomers, they provided astounding assistance in everything ranging from finding angles, to intricacies in writing and grammar. 

  On the surface, writing may seem like an individual sport that requires very little means. Contrary to this belief, being a part of Journalism is a collective effort that undeniably takes time, technique, and many levels in depth of understanding of the given topic that is being written about. Not to mention, the technicalities regarding fine-tuning and the visuals demand commitment, much of which is with thanks to the Seniors. 

  Again, we thank the two seniors of 2019 for the dedication and effort they have been putting forth. We hope for further success in journalism in the 2019-2020 school year. 


  Thank you Jenny and Nene! 

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