Senior Prank Day: The Immense Role of Social Media

Senior Prank Day: The Immense Role of Social Media
Mifuyu H. ('21)

This article captures the triumphant role of social media in senior prank day.

Despite senior year being the most demanding days of a student’s life with SATs and college applications, being a senior has its advantages. The senior class of ‘19 finished off their high school days on April 25 by celebrating one of their final riteーSenior Prank Day. 

Social media played an integral role in this year’s Senior Prank Day. When asked about her favorite prank, Yurika H. (12) commented, “My favorite prank was definitely turning our teachers into memes.” Due to the growing popularity of memes among millennials, there seems to be a recent trend in incorporating memes into the pranks. As memes are ubiquitous and highly accessible on Instagram, other students can easily recognize and enjoy these pranks, especially when there is reference to our teachers.

The seniors utilised a live stream platform to interact and involve the student community at Seisen in their antics for one final time. They created “SIS 34”, an idol group, consisting of 9 membersー“Risa-tan”, “Pani-pani”, “Yun-yun”, “Ari-pyon”, “Mi-tan”, “Non-chan”, “Mao-mao”, “Yuri-rin”, and “Van-chan”. As the students and faculty walked into the cafeteria in the morning, they were astonished by an opportunity to participate in a meet and greet with the idol group. During the 10 minute break, the students and faculty gathered for a dance performance to AKB 48’s “Heavy Rotation”. Other pranks included altering the senior lounge into LGBTQ+ themed room, trashing the junior lounge and stairwell, and promoting an election campaign for Ms. Sato as a poltiical candidate. 

The Senior class of 2019 were able to finish off their high school years on a high note with Senior Prank Day. The joy from this once-in-a-lifetime experience can hopefully be reshaped to drive them to prepare for the IB exams which begin on the 6th of May. Otsukare seniors! 

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