New Beginnings: Incoming 7th Graders Take First Step Into Middle School

New Beginnings: Incoming 7th Graders Take First Step Into Middle School
Mia H. ('22) & Emilie O. ('22)

The new 7th graders describe their transition into middle school.

While some students view the entry of 7th graders into middle school as their first step towards responsibility and independence, others may find the experience too rushed or intimidating. The transition from 6th to 7th grade can be described as an equilibrium: smooth with mild changes. Many factors from 6th grade prepared students, such as the PYP exhibition, which allowed for the growth of presentation and research skills. Maya H. (7) has stated that “The level of math in 6th grade and the level in 7th grade is completely different. I think that the teachers did not prepare us enough for the huge change.”

On the other hand, many students are beginning to feel more responsible for themselves. “While the Exhibition was stressful, we learned to better work in groups and be responsible for our own work, which I believe to be very helpful in 7th grade,” explained Maili G. (7)

Along with academics, many students have expressed that their participation in sports and extracurriculars in 6th grade allowed for them to get a taste of what they like and dislike. Middle school sports were introduced in 6th grade, allowing the students to be more ready athletically. “6th grade is like an experimental year for sports. We can see in advance if we like the sport, as well as if the commitment and work is overwhelming.” Tanaya N. (7) Although some students were not fully prepared for the transition from elementary school, the 7th graders are excited for their new step in school life.

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