Humans of Seisen: Never Stop Learning

Humans of Seisen: Never Stop Learning
Youkie S. ('18)

Mr. Lee shares his experiences with teaching and gives advice on "loving to learn."

“Getting married feels like I’ve taken the next significant step in life. A new chapter, a sequel. The beginnings of sharing life with somebody to extend the family. I’m very interested in this idea of life continuing, and now, I’ve taken the first step to be able to extend our genetic lineage. I’m a biology teacher so I’m interested in how life gets passed on from generation to generation. I hope that my genes will be passed on to the future generation.

My childhood was very experimental. I did a lot of things for the sake of curiosity in science, and this was the start of my interest in science. I always had a lot of questions and hobbies, so I wanted to learn a lot of things quickly, but to a high level.

Although my first teaching experience was tough, I learned a valuable lesson. My first students enabled me to realize that regardless of their socio-cultural background, if students are given support and the opportunity to be inquisitive, they will want to learn. It’s a basic part of being a human.

There were students, about whom everyone would say, ‘None of these kids want to learn’ or ‘They’ll never succeed at standardized testing,’ but these students were just never provided an interesting opportunity or never had someone who wanted to go the extra mile. So my first teaching experience motivated me to continue to teach people the love of learning because as a child, I liked to face challenges and figure things out.

Regardless of an individual’s background, everyone wants to learn. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are; sometimes, it’s more difficult to get to that level of learning, but it’s there for everyone. This is the most rewarding thing for me: to see students genuinely interested in learning despite all the challenges they faced outside of school. Being able to play even a small role in this is truly a humbling experience. So, never stop learning.”


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