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Varsity Basketball Explores Chiang Mai Before Tournament

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Varsity Basketball Explores Chiang Mai Before Tournament
Douglas Brittain

The Seisen Varsity Basketball team fits in some cultural experiences and a return visit to an orphanage before their tournament begins in Chiang Mai.

The Seisen Phoenix Varisty Basketball team departed late Monday night for Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Once in the air to Bangkok, the flight went well and many of the girls used the time on the plane to study, relax and sleep.  They had a quick layover in Bangkok and while waiting, many of the girls studied. 

Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, the team welcomed the warmer weather after a cold few weeks in Tokyo!  They enjoyed a nice team meal together and everyone loved the Thai food.  There was also had some study time in the afternoon.  

Wednesday morning was spent at Mae Sa Waterfall.  The girls enjoyed taking in the scenery as well as some team bonding playing cards.  They had a Thai lunch at the national park before heading back to the hotel. 

The highlight of the day was when they went to Agape Home Orphanage/Home for the afternoon/evening. Upon arrival they all watched a short video of the history of the Agape Home. It was a fun-filled afternoon/evening with many infants, toddlers, primary school and high school students.  Many of the kids at Agape Home remembered the Seisen girls and seeing their faces light up was priceless.  The young kids were overjoyed and just loved the hugs and attention from the Seisen students.  The team really did a great job leading all the activities and interacting with everyone on staff.  A few of the activities included coloring, origami, singing/dancing, balloon keep up, basketball, and volleyball.  They stayed for dinner and the girls had a chance to experience a typical meal there. 

Before leaving, the team presented the Agape Home coordinator with the donation money that they raised from the two bake sales which was almost 45,000 Yen.  They were told that this is a month’s wage for someone working a normal job in Thailand so it would go very far in buying things for the home.  They were very grateful for the money donation, so thank you again to the Seisen Community for helping make that possible with your time, baked goods, and donations.

The team had a time of reflection and debriefing afterwards.  Each person shared their high and low of their time there and then talked about what we could take away from our visit.  The girls had some very deep reflections and were definitely impacted. 

The girls spent the rest of the evening studying and plan to get some good rest as they prepare for the first day of the basketball tournament today!  Their first game is at 10AM against the ISM (International School of Myanmar) and CRICS (Chiang Rai International Christian School) at 12:45PM.  

You can stay up do date with the team on the Seisen Instagram Account: /

Chiang Mai International School will be posting tournament updates on their website.


~Ms. Elizabeth Jury & Ms. Brittany Wilkins

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