Making Christmas Work

The Christmas season is a particularly busy time for Seisen support staff.


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Seisen Youtube Channel Milestone

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Seisen Youtube Channel Milestone
Douglas Brittain

The Seisen International School YouTube channel is still young, but is already reaching a major milestone.

A big milestone in sight
By the end of this week, the Seisen International School YouTube channel will reach 100,000 total views. THANK YOU! 
We are glad that so many people subscribe to our channel and enjoy the videos we share that help tell the Seisen story. 
Please subscribe so that you can get updates when we upload new videos and to know when we are broadcasting live for concerts and sports events.

KPASS - Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Principals

On Saturday, November 17th Seisn hosted the Kanto Plains Speech Competition. Seisen students took home many awards.

Modern Languages Day Special Guests

The Seisen Japanese, French and Spanish teachers have arranged many exciting opportunities for "Modern Languages Day. Here are just a few of the guests coming to teach our students.

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