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Parking and Pedestrian Safety Guide

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Parking and Pedestrian Safety Guide
Douglas Brittain

The Security Guards want to ensure the safety of everyone in the Seisen Community.

June 1st, 2018

Parking on campus and in the surrounding neighbourhood is limited. Many guardians come by car with their children every day and for the various events held at school. Your help with the following arrangements will help ensure the efficient use of space and safety of all members of the Seisen community.

No Entry or Exit through Main Gate during bus times

11 school buses enter and exit both at the start and end of the school day.  At these bus times, a red flag is hung up on the wall near the Main Gate. During the bus times no cars, bikes, bicycles or pedestrians can use the main gate.

Morning school bus time is around 7:50 ~ 8:20.

Afternoon bus time is around 15:00 ~ 15:45.  

If the red flag beside the main gate is out please and go around to North gate or Kindergarten gate to enter or exit.


Main gate

Short term parking will be available for the delivery of items, for visiting the main office or accounting office and meetings with teachers. Short term parking is not available during bus time and special big school events.

Short term parking: Please drive into the school zone and talk with Security guards  about the amount of time needed for your errand. The Security guard will direct you to a parking spot.  Stopping on the sidewalk will cause trouble for pedestrians and bicycles passing by.

Please do not park without consulting with a security guard. The security guards are responsible for safe traffic flow.

Event parking: There are various school events and meetings of SPA members, class guardians, chaperones and etc.  In these cases we will use the rule of “First come, first served“.  

Chaperoning trips: If you need to park to chaperone a trip please get the chaperone card from the Main Office ahead of time and place the card in your windshield.

Slope to Greentop Parking: The slope is for cars only. Please use the steps in the Courtyard after parking.

Limited parking spots: Some school events such as field trips, sports matches and concerts require the bus to enter and exit.  In addition other school’s buses often enter the campus for events. In such cases you will be restricted from using  the free spots to keep the bus route clear. Please accept the direction of the security guard.

Leaving cars: Seisen can not provide parking for guardians who leave the campus.

Security guards: When entering and exiting the campus Security guards will support you, but please pay close attention to traffic safety, especially to pedestrians and bicycles on the sidewalk.  When going out, always follow the directions of security guards. In some cases the right turn onto Nakamachi Street may not be available.

North gate

The North gate opens for pedestrians between 7:30 ~ 8:45 and 2:50 ~ 3:45.

The road along the north gate is a designated school-zone, so it is only for pedestrians during 7:30 to 8:30. No cars are allowed to use the road during that time by traffic law. Also, the roads along the North Gate are NO PARKING areas by traffic law.  When you stop your car in this area, please do not leave your car. Please be considerate of other traffic and residents of the neighbourhood.

Kindergarten gate

The Kindergarten gate opens for pedestrians and bikes between 7:40 ~ 8:45 and 2:50 ~ 3:45.

The roads along the kindergarten gate and connecting roads are NO PARKING by traffic law.

During open times the zone in front of the gate is only for quick drop off or pick up.

Morning Drop Off: Even a short stay near the gate will interrupt the smooth movement of other guardian’s cars and causes traffic jams. If you need to stay for a slight moment or if you need to leave your car for a moment to go with the small child, please stop your car toward the top of the hill..  

Afternoon Pick Up:  If you need to wait a long time for your child at the kindergarten gate  please stop your car toward the top of the hill. As this road is a NO PARKING zone, you may be given a parking ticket if your car is left unattended. guardians are responsible for paying any traffic fines.

After 3:20: The kindergarten gate zone should be used for Elementary students and above. Kindergarten guardians staying after 3:20 should move to pay parking. If you cannot find any space to park, please go around once more near the school.

Around 3:30 space may become available.

Stopping within 30 meters of the Shingakuin Mae traffic light is strictly prohibited.

Please drive past the red cones and circle around the block if needed.


“Pick-up and Go” from the Main gate at home time

(Before 3:00) Kindergarten guardians: Please pick up your kids quickly until 3:05 and leave the campus.  If you can not leave before 3:05 you will have to wait until buses are finished at 3:45.

In case you might stay till after bus time, please talk to Security guard. They will show the suitable space.

(After 4:00) Traffic jams are predicted when picking up your child after SASA and other activities on certain days and during bad weather.

Tips for smooth safe traffic flow:   

  • The yellow line through the Main Gate area is the “Pick-up and Go” line.  Cars can not stop for long periods in this area, including waiting while you phone your child.

5  spots in  main gate area are available to cars which will depart shortly.  

Anyone requiring more than 10 minutes should speak to the Security guard and go up to roof-top parking.

Especially on rainy day, we can understand your wanting to wait for your child near the chapel, but irregular parking which cause the jam will never be permitted.  

Please co-operate to keep traffic moving safely and smoothly.

Limited Parking

Parking spaces

Parking lots are located on the rooftop of the gymnasium and the slope in front of the Main office.  Most of these spots are reserved for teachers or staff. The number of available parking spots is around 10, plus 5 spot at the main gate area.

The parking area beside the futsal field is only open during special events.


Neighbourhood Parking Restrictions

All the roads around our school are No Parking by law.  Both roads along the North gate and the Kindergarten gate are one-way traffic.  North gate road is designated school-zone so it is only for pedestrians during 7:30 to 8:30 by the traffic low.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation.

The Security Guards want to ensure the safety of everyone in the Seisen Community.

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