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The Christmas season is a particularly busy time for Seisen support staff.


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New Parents Welcomed to the Seisen Community

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New Parents Welcomed to the Seisen Community
Douglas Brittain

Moving to a new school can be difficult. The support network you spend years developing at your last school is gone. You need to learn how everything works in your new environment, and also who is available to help you navigate through the transition. For students new to Seisen they have the support of their homeroom teachers and the school counselors. For parents new to Seisen the role of welcoming new families is taken on by our Seisen Parents' Association (SPA). On Saturday, September 8th SPA and our head of School, Ms. Colette Rogers, welcomed new parents at the first ever New Parent Social.

The Seisen Cafeteria was transformed into a space designed to encourage new parents to connect with members of SPA and other new parents. The SPA Hospitality team did a fantastic job decorating around the theme of "Beginning your Journey at Seisen". While eating the delicious food prepared by Petr and the Cezars Kitchen staff parents mingled and made connections that will help them integrate into the Seisen Community. Through games planned by the Hospitality team everyone had a chance to meet many people.

The feedback from new parents was enthusiastic. 

It was a great opportunity to meet new parents whose kid/kids are in different grades.

I was able to connect with some of my daughter's classmate's parents which was great.

I’ve already fallen in love with Seisen Community!

It was a very pleasant time, and it was an event that I would definitely recommend to new parents next year.


Any large school event is only possible with the support and collaboration of many members of the Seisen Community. We would like to thank the following people:

  • SPA Hospitality Team for transforming the Cafeteria.
  • Petr and Cezars Kitchen for the delicious food.
  • Terumi and the High School volunteers for providing childcare.
  • SPA Board members for helping welcome the new families.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance staff for creating a space to mingle, and then making it a cafeteria again Monday morning.


KPASS - Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Principals

On Saturday, November 17th Seisn hosted the Kanto Plains Speech Competition. Seisen students took home many awards.

Modern Languages Day Special Guests

The Seisen Japanese, French and Spanish teachers have arranged many exciting opportunities for "Modern Languages Day. Here are just a few of the guests coming to teach our students.

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