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Japan Council of International Schools Award

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Japan Council of International Schools Award
Douglas Brittain

Seisen 11th Graders is awarded the Japan Council of International Schools' "Promotion of Japanese Culture Recognition Award".

Seisen is pleased to announce that Aimi Iwao (Class of 2019) has been nominated for the Japan Council of International Schools' "Promotion of Japanese Culture Recognition Award".

Today Ms. Sato and Mr. Hatch presented Aimi with her certificate and commemorative pen.

The award itself is described as follows:

The Council of International Schools (CIS) International Student Award

This award is given to a student or group of students who best exemplify the attributes of international citizenship through the development and advancement of internationalism. The student(s) must have demonstrated a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of other nationalities, languages or ethnic backgrounds in a spirit of international understanding and cooperation. The students' achievements should encompass efforts directed beyond participation in regular school activities, and the student(s) should demonstrate efforts to creatively solve known or emerging problems, acquire and effectively deploy knowledge or resources beyond those immediately available in the school, and directly involve peoples of other cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds. The recipients are chosen through faculty nominations and votes.

Congratulations to Aimi on being both a support and an ambassador for Japan in the international school community.


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