Seisen Singers Shine at KPASS Competition
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Our singers at Seisen had a fantastic weekend at the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS) Vocal Solo and Ensemble Competition.

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Firebird MEI begins their NASA Adventure

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Firebird MEI begins their NASA Adventure
Douglas Brittain

Mr. Nitu updates the community on the first three days of the Firebird trip to NASA for the Conrad Innovation Summit.

The Firebird MEI Science and Innovation Team is half way through their trip. You can get daily updates from the team by following the Seisen Instagram (@seisen_setagaya) or on the Seisen Social Media Page.

Here are the daily updated from Mr. Nitu for the first three days.

Day One

We all made it to the hotel in Cape Canaveral safely after a long and tiring trip.

But all is good, everybody is excited about tomorrow and the spirit is very relaxed and positive. We checked in and after unpacking we went to get some food and then had dinner outside on the beach enjoying the sunset over the Atlantic ocean.

Tomorrow we will have a long day with a lot of interactive activities and guest speakers and the Opening diner at the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The girls are ready and we have strong faith they will do extraordinary!

Day Two

We have just ended first day of the Conrad Innovation Summit!

We had a great day with a lot of memorable experiences. After registration in the morning the girls practiced the power pitch. We had lunch and then we boarded for the NASA Kennedy Space Center where we spent the rest of the day. We have seen amazing presentations, extraordinary space shows, Atlantis Shuttle and met a lot of people.

Tomorrow the team will have their presentation around 3:00 PM local time, but unfortunately the presentation will not be live streamed. We will record and share the presentation as soon as possible.

Day Three

We have just ended another memorable day at the Conrad Innovation Summit!

We have seen amazing presentations and we met a lot of new students and teachers.

The Firebirds presented their power pitch in front of the judges and approximative 150 people at NASA Kennedy Space Center - Universe Theatre. You can watch their presentation directly on Youtube.

They did very well and we are very proud of them.


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