The Launch of the Enhanced PYP

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The Launch of the Enhanced PYP
Michael Hughes

Read about the new Enhancements to the PYP framework and how we explored some of the big changes during our PYP Coffee Morning. 

Good things come to those who wait!

For the past six years, the International Baccalaureate has been reviewing the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The process, as you can see from the image below, started in 2012 and resulted in the official launch of the Enhanced PYP on the 50th Birthday of the IB a couple of weeks ago. 

At Seisen we have been anxiously awaiting the final publications and have already started to review and develop our own practices as a result. You can see the excitement of all teachers as we celebrated the launch with a chocolate cake!

This morning we invited parents to join us at our first PYP Coffee Morning of the year, where we unpacked the three main areas of the Enhanced PYP: The Learner, Learning & Teaching, and The Learning Community.  We discussed how agency was at the center of the Enhancements and talked about how this translates into inquiry teaching and learning in the classroom.  We also explored the Approaches to Learning in the PYP and explored some of the sub-skills.  Parents had the opportunity to discuss the enhancements together and there were rich conversations and questions shared throughout the session, much like an inquiry-based classroom! 


We would like to thank all parents who took the time to attend the session this morning.  Thank you for engaging in rich conversations and making the session an interactive experience for all! The slides from this morning's session are below. 

SOLO and Vocabulary Lists

This post provides a summary of the possible assessment criteria for each Grade Level's Unit of Inquiry. 

Inquiry in the Enhanced PYP

How the students and teachers are engaging with the enhancements of the PYP. Through a self-reflection activity on the dispositions of inquiry teachers and inquiry students we acknowledge strengths and set goals. 

Parent Information Sessions

Last Friday we held two information sessions for parents: A PYP coffee morning on building resilience and a PYP Exhibition family information evening. 

New Units of Inquiry

This post provides a brief summary of each of the homeroom's current unit of inquiry.  To access detailed information on the inquiry questions, learning outcomes and vocabulary lists for each of the units, please click on the links, below. 

The Launch of the Enhanced PYP

Read about the new Enhancements to the PYP framework and how we explored some of the big changes during our PYP Coffee Morning. 

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