PYP Student Agency & Action / Wednesday, November 7th at Seisen

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PYP Student Agency & Action / Wednesday, November 7th at Seisen
Sandra Mulligan

PYP Student Agency & Action 

Seisen elementary student work to support Refugees International Japan.

An essential part of the IB PYP program is that learning experiences should provide students with a sense of agency; the ability to use their own initiative and will to take action based on their learning. Supporting students in taking action enables them to develop a strong sense of identity and self-belief. It teaches them that their developing opinions and values matter and that as part of a community their actions can positively impact others.

Our grade 5 students recently completed a unit of inquiry on Peace and Conflict.  As part of their learning experiences, they had the opportunity to meet and hear a presentation by Mrs Jane Best, OBC, CEO of Refugees International Japan.

Grade 4 students were also at this presentation in preparation for their PYP unit, How we Organise Ourselves; Rules, Rights and Responsibilities, where they will explore the concept of children's rights.

In the days after this presentation, we had a number of students requesting to organise and host a fund-raising event in support of child refugees.

Wednesday, November 7th will be a free dress day in the elementary. Students may come to school in their clothing of choice and make a suggested donation of 200 yen. During lunch breaks, some grade 5 students will also host a food, drink & slime SALE.

Information about Refugees International Japan (RIJ) is available by visiting:

Submissions from students requesting this event:


Congratulations to 5B students: Miyu, Risako, Seugmin, Sakurako and to Bridie in 4B for leading the free-dress day initiative and to Olivia, Clara, Yumi & Yuna from grade 5 for organising their SALE in the cafeteria. We look forward to a great day!

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