New Units Of Inquiry Starting After Spring Break

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New Units Of Inquiry Starting After Spring Break
Michael Hughes

The penultimate units of inquiry of the school year will begin after the holidays.  Click here to find out what your daughter will be inquiring into.  It may even give you some ideas for day-trips during the Spring Break so you can help support your daughter's learning! 


When the students return from their Spring Break they will all be diving into their penultimate unit of inquiry of the year - Where has the time gone?! 

Below are the overviews of the units along with the SOLO taxonomies the students will use to guide their inquiries.  These advanced organisers of learning help take the students from surface level, knowledge-based thinking to deeper and conceptual understanding of bigger ideas and has been described by John Hattie as, "the most powerful model for understanding these three levels of understanding [surface, deep and conceptual]”.  you can read more about the SOLO Taxonomy by visiting a blog post we had published on the International Baccalaureate's PYP Blog here.  

Grade 1 will be starting their Where We Are in Place and Time unit and will investigate the different ways we can find out about the past.  We are looking forward to sharing and learning about all the personal and family histories from the three classes and will be excited to invite along some parents and grandparents to the classes.  Your input and experiences will act as valuable primary sources for the girls and will allow them to formulate questions for authentic inquiry!  Click on the image, below, to view the learning outcomes for their unit. 

Grade 2 will begin inquiring into how rivers, seas and oceans support life as they begin their Sharing the Planet unit.  They will be identifying and classifying life found in rivers, seas and oceans, investigating how people and other creatures rely on rivers, seas and oceans and will investigate how we can act responsibly to help conserve life in these precious and fragile habitats. Click on the image, below, to view the learning outcomes for their unit. 


Grade 3 are beginning their How we Express Ourselves unit and will delve into the creative world of performing arts!  They will start by developing an understanding of what it is that makes something a performing art and will have the opportunity to explore performing arts from a variety of cultures.  Their unit culminates with a collaborative performance, where groups are asked to communicate a message through a performing art of their choice. Click on the image, below, to view the learning outcomes for their unit. 

Grade 4 will be connecting and extending their thinking from their current unit (energy transfer and transformations) as they move on to inquire into Earth's natural resources.  During this Sharing the Planet unit, students will investigate how people use Earth's renewable and non-renewable resources and will see how this impacts the environment.  They will use what they learn to consider the balance between meeting human needs and using limited resources responsibly. Click on the image, below, to view the learning outcomes for their unit. 

Grade 5 are also starting their Sharing the Planet unit, focusing on peace and conflict resolution. During this unit they will examine the causes of personal, local and global conflicts and the strategies used to attempt to resolve these.  Click on the image, below, to view the learning outcomes for their unit. 

Grade 6 have already started their PYP Exhibition process.  The groups have all had their initial meetings with their mentors and have finalised their lines of inquiry and driving conceptual questions.  You can visit our Exhibition website here to follow the girls' progress and access all the assessment rubrics/checklists they will use to guide their inquiries. 

As ever, we welcome any feedback on our units of inquiry and we would LOVE to hear from you if you have a passing interest or expertise in any of these areas.  We are always on the lookout for speakers to come along and share their perspectives with the girls, so please do get in touch if you would like to support any of our inquiries. 

Parent Information Sessions

Last Friday we held two information sessions for parents: A PYP coffee morning on building resilience and a PYP Exhibition family information evening. 

New Units of Inquiry

This post provides a brief summary of each of the homeroom's current unit of inquiry.  To access detailed information on the inquiry questions, learning outcomes and vocabulary lists for each of the units, please click on the links, below. 

The Launch of the Enhanced PYP

Read about the new Enhancements to the PYP framework and how we explored some of the big changes during our PYP Coffee Morning. 

Today we welcomed parents whose daughters will be starting in first grade next August. We talked about teaching and learning in grade 1 and explored the PYP framework together. 

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