Morning Tea & PYP: Reading Workshop

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Morning Tea & PYP: Reading Workshop
Serrin Smyth

On Friday 14th February, our Morning Tea & PYP workshop focused on how we can support children in their development of Reading.

Together we spent time exploring:

- What the Readers Workshop looks like in the classroom

- How reading skills are explicitly taught across the grades

- What are some strategies you can use at home to further develop reading

- How the library resources can support your child's reading at home

- A guided tour of the physical and digital library & the benefits of both

Our Grade 4 students came and presented about how they learn reading within the classroom and answered some questions about the reading approach.

We then took a guided tour of Grades 3 - 6 and saw Reading Workshops in action, including a celebration of reading & writing within the Grade 6 Unit of Inquiry - Global Access to Medical Care. 


If you would like any of the handouts that were provided at the workshop, please be in contact with

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