Morning Tea and PYP How can parents support the development of agency at home

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Morning Tea and PYP How can parents support the development of agency at home
Serrin Smyth

On the 16th October we hosted our first Morning Tea & PYP Parent Workshop. 

The focus was on how we can support children to become more active and responsible learners and the role parents play in supporting children's development as learners. 

We explored the idea of 'agency' and what this means within the Primary Years Programme. 

We engaged in activities and discussions about:

- What is agency?

- What does voice, choice and ownership look like when it comes to learning?

- Why is agency important?

- How do you develop agency?

- What can you do at home to support the development of agency?

- The connections between home learning and the development of agency. 

- How you can use the SOLO and unit of inquiry vocabulary to enhance agency. 

A big thank you to all those who attended and we hope to see at our next Morning Tea & PYP Workshop on the 15th November

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