Inquiry in the Enhanced PYP

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Inquiry in the Enhanced PYP
Serrin Smyth

How the students and teachers are engaging with the enhancements of the PYP. Through a self-reflection activity on the dispositions of inquiry teachers and inquiry students we acknowledge strengths and set goals. 

Teachers at Seisen International School understand the importance of guided inquiry as the leading pedagogical approach within the PYP

The PYP acknowledges that "Inquiry manifests itself in different ways, depending on the nature of students’ curiosity and on their desire to know more about the world. Connecting students’ interests with intention, teachers nurture authentic learning experiences by creating opportunities for student voice, choice and ownership in the inquiry process." (From Principles into Practice, Learning & Teaching, IBO, 2018)

In the Learning & Teaching documentation in the PYP, they unpack the different aspects of the teacher’s role in inquiry:

Additionally, how students acquire knowledge, build conceptual understandings and develop skills through inquiry by displaying these dispositions:

In a reflective routine at the beginning of the school year, students in Grade 3 ordered these dispositions into a chart sectioned 'sometimes, always, never'. During this experience they were discussing what an inquiry student looks like, feels like and sounds like. 

As part of our ongoing professional development, Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers took a similar approach, where through reflection they ordered the inquiry teacher traits. 

Moving on from this, students and teachers will spend time thinking about what inquiry skills are their strengths and consider how they can support others in the development of these areas. We will also consider what goals should be set for individuals, and as a group, in order to enhance our own inquiry practice. 

EAL Parent Workshop 2019-20

On Friday 27th September, our EAL teachers Ms Ingrid and Ms Katie facilitated a Parent Workshop about WIDA assessment, how the program runs and how to support your child at home with English development. 

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