House Captains Leading Community Events

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House Captains Leading Community Events
Michael Hughes

Come and read how our House Captains have been displaying their leadership skills over the past few weeks. 

It has been a big week for our ES House Captains! 

First of all, they braved the icy and snowy conditions last Saturday to take part in the Dogwood Tree Planting Ceremony.  This was to celebrate the friendship between the USA and Japan.

In 1912, cherry trees were gifted to the United States to symbolize the two countries' friendship. For over 100 years the trees have been carefully protected and they still bloom every spring in Washington DC.  To return the favor, the US government sent dogwood trees to Japan in 1915.  One of the original trees is still alive at the Metropolitan Engel HS in Setagaya. 

The House Captains presented to a large audience at the Setagaya Art Museum, where they made connections between Seisen and Eliza Scidmore, the lead character in 'Miss Scidmore and the 100 Years Dream', a story published to tell children about the friendship and to carry it on into the future. 

After the presentation, the girls walked to Okura Dai Undo Kouen where they planted the dogwood trees. We hope these will be around for many many years! 

Then on Monday, during our Open House Day for prospective new parents at Seisen, the House Captains planned and led tours of the Elementary School to communicate what learning looks like at the school. We would like to thank the House captains for their commitment to Seisen and the community - we are very proud of you!  

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