Global Mindedness and Intercultural Understanding in Grade Six

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Global Mindedness and Intercultural Understanding in Grade Six
Mikie O'Shea

Grade Six Shrine Visit

Grade Six visited a celebration at Nakamachi Tenso shrine today. They had learned a lot about this shrine in Religion and Japanese classes, and the visit was a welcome addition to their Who We Are Cultures unit. Watch them take a turn to carry the shrine:

  • Global-Mindedness
  • Grade 6
  • Intercultural Understanding
EAL Parent Workshop 2019-20

On Friday 27th September, our EAL teachers Ms Ingrid and Ms Katie facilitated a Parent Workshop about WIDA assessment, how the program runs and how to support your child at home with English development. 

SOLO and Vocabulary Lists

This post provides a summary of the possible assessment criteria for each Grade Level's Unit of Inquiry. 

Inquiry in the Enhanced PYP

How the students and teachers are engaging with the enhancements of the PYP. Through a self-reflection activity on the dispositions of inquiry teachers and inquiry students we acknowledge strengths and set goals. 

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