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Montessori/PYP Classroom Observation

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Montessori/PYP Classroom Observation
Sheila O'Donoghue

Classroom Observations start in October

Dear Kindergarten Parents and Guardians, 

Montessori Observations will start this month, from October, 2018 and will continue until April 5th, 2019 (with the exception of the month of December). Observation time is from 8:40 am. to 10:00am. When you receive your observation letter, please arrange a suitable date with your class teachers, that is convenient to both of you.


1. Sit in the designated “observers” chair, or, if you feel you would like to be closer to your child, it is okay to move quietly around the classroom, and be in the moment with just your child. Try not to correct your child, if s/he makes a mistake, as this is all part of the learning process.

2. Please leave younger siblings at home as it can be disruptive and you will not get the full benefit  of your observation.

3. Bring a pencil  and note pad to note any observations, comments or questions you may have.

4. Teachers will  address any queries or comments you may have at a later time.

5. Level of noise will probably be higher than what is usual for a Montessori class. This is because we encourage the children to interact and inquire more to promote the growth of language development  and critical thinking skills within the environment.

6. Do some children correct their own mistakes? Do they clean up and put away any work they have taken out.

7.Observe how the children handle the materials. Do they clean up and put away any work they have taken out?

8.Recognize the social interactions that take place. Some children are working alone, while others are in small groups.

9.Some children may be wandering around the room looking for what they want to do next, observing another’s work, or even taking a break from a difficult piece of work they have just completed.

10. Confidentiality is a must at all times.


 Does s/he appear confident, obedient, motivated, enthusiastic? 
 How does s/he use his/her vocabulary within the classroom?
 What is his/her general co-ordination like?
 Is s/he sociable and helpful?
 Is s/he free to choose her/his own work?
 How does s/he choose his/her work, or does s/he need the direction of the   teacher?
 What work does s/he choose?
 Does s/he concentrate on the activity?
 Does s/he complete the activity and return the material to the correct place on the shelf?
 Does s/he have periods of activity or inactivity?
 How does s/he react to the individual lesson given by the teacher?
 Does s/he contribute to the order in the environment by his movements?
Does s/he show that s/he is self-disciplined and respects others?

The above guidelines will make your classroom observation more purposeful and meaningful. 
Please do try to find some time in your busy schedules to observe your child working. It means so much to them to have you come in, and no doubt you will find it entertaining!  We kindly ask you not to take video or photos throughout the observation.

Feel free to set up a time with your child’s teacher to discuss the observation (if you so wish) before you leave the classroom.


Sheila O’Donoghue
Kindergarten Principal

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